Mayo Clinic Checks Shark Cartilage Dietary supplements for Most cancers

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Shark cartilage dietary supplements carry dangers, however so do many most cancers therapies. The query is, do they work?

In relation to advertising unproven most cancers therapies, the “Web has become the Wild West, so to talk. Fraudsters are actually in a position to…get on the market in methods they hadn’t earlier than to benefit from folks.” “Most cancers Sufferers Discover Quackery on The Net,” bemoaned the Nationwide Most cancers Institute, noting that there have been greater than 200,000 paperwork about most cancers on the Net. Wait. What? Solely 200,000? When was that article revealed? In 1996, just some years after the Net was born. To not fear, stated the creator of Dr. Tom Linden’s Information to On-line Medication. “It takes a whole lot of money and time to take care of a Net web page.” So, “the mass of data on the Web will dwindle in the course of the subsequent few years because the Web matures.” Proper. It “dwindled” from 200,000 paperwork to a mere almost quarter of a billion. 

As you may see at 1:10 in my video Shark Cartilage Supplements Put to the Test to Cure Cancer, one of the crucial widespread “various most cancers cures recommended on fashionable internet sites” is shark cartilage. Certainly, “a lot has been made in recent times of the magical aura afforded” to cartilage from sharks. “Clearly, a part of the influence could be attributed to a visceral worry of most cancers mixed with a wholesome respect for a creature that has survived nearly with out evolutionary modifications from prehistoric instances. It has been reported that sharks not often get most cancers as a result of one in every of their defining options is a physique with a excessive proportion of cartilage. Logic has led some to consider that this should be the rationale for sharks’ relative well being.” I’m not precisely certain that’s logical, however they do have a whole lot of cartilage, which, on the whole, has few blood vessels, and blood vessels are necessary for most cancers development. So, all of “these observations…conspired to prime fraught oncology [cancer] sufferers for shameful exploitation by pseudoscience and the complement trade with the addition of only one fable”—particularly, that sharks don’t get most cancers. However, they do get most cancers. The misguided declare is simply one other layer of “fallacious arguments” which have “efficiently satisfied determined most cancers sufferers to purchase ineffective merchandise that distract them from confirmed or doubtlessly helpful therapies.” Maintain on. You don’t know if it’s ineffective, till you place it to the take a look at.

Sixty sufferers with quite a lot of superior cancers have been given a few dozen scoops a day of shark cartilage. The end result? Not a single response or perhaps a partial response was famous in any of their tumors. Shark cartilage was ineffective “and had no salutary impact on high quality of life.” In actual fact, as you may see at 2:38 in my video, the most cancers sufferers suffered vital gastrointestinal toxicity from the shark cartilage, whereas the tumors progressed in every one in every of them. What occurred within the management group? There was no management group, so how do we all know the cancers wouldn’t have progressed even sooner with out the shark cartilage? This is the reason we’d like randomized managed trials. Sadly, there weren’t any…till the Mayo Clinic stepped up and conducted a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, scientific trial for sufferers with incurable breast or colorectal carcinoma.

“Knowledge on a complete of 83 evaluable sufferers have been analyzed. There was no distinction in general survival between sufferers receiving customary care plus a shark cartilage product versus customary care plus placebo. Likewise, there was no suggestion of enchancment in high quality of life for sufferers receiving the shark cartilage, in contrast with these receiving placebo.” There was additionally a prostate most cancers examine. Solely 5 sufferers completed the examine, and, in all 5, their cancers continued to progress unabated. “Sadly, the claims for the advantages of shark cartilage are fully unsubstantiated by any goal knowledge from managed scientific trials.” 

Not so quick, said complement producers. Perhaps these crude industrial shark cartilage powders simply don’t have excessive sufficient ranges of no matter energetic elements there could also be. In that case, perhaps most cancers sufferers needs to be taking shark cartilage extract capsules as an alternative. The Nationwide Most cancers Institute tested that, too, simply to make completely certain. What did it discover when it funded a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial to place it to the take a look at?

Not like the opposite shark cartilage dietary complement research, the researchers used the purified extract, “and the examine end result [was] unambiguous.” It failed. The shark cartilage group lived 14 months, and the placebo group lived 15 months. There was no vital distinction in survival, time to development, or tumor response fee. So, “these scientific research have led most to conclude that shark cartilage is not only unproven as a most cancers treatment, it’s really properly disproven.” But, “regardless of the overwhelming proof on the contrary, such claims persisted.” For instance, the huckster who began all of it wrote a sequel, Sharks Nonetheless Don’t Get Most cancers. Maybe the “solely treatment for this fable is to spread the rumor that cartilage from the noses of quacks is anticarcinogenic” and fights most cancers. 

When you actually wished to eat angiogenesis inhibitors, why sit right down to a bowl of cartilage powder when you possibly can simply eat an apple, drink inexperienced tea, or have some turmeric, pomegranate berries and nuts, soybeans, flaxseeds, or broccoli, all of which have been proven to have anti-angiogenic results?

What are the opposite dangers? I cowl them in my video The Risks of Shark Cartilage Supplements.


  • There are almost 1 / 4 of a billion paperwork about most cancers on-line, together with pages selling unproven most cancers therapies.
  • One of the crucial widespread “various most cancers cures” is cartilage from sharks, benefiting partially from “a wholesome respect for a creature that has survived nearly with out evolutionary modifications from prehistoric instances. It has been reported that sharks not often get most cancers as a result of one in every of their defining options is a physique with a excessive proportion of cartilage.”
  • Research haven’t discovered shark cartilage to be helpful. For instance, a trial performed by the Mayo Clinic discovered no distinction in general survival or high quality of life between sufferers given shark cartilage versus placebo.
  • Complement producers argued that maybe shark cartilage extract capsules wanted to be examined as an alternative of shark cartilage powders, however the Nationwide Most cancers Institute’s take a look at of purified extract was additionally “unambiguous”—no vital distinction was seen in survival, time to development, or tumor response fee.
  • Certainly, “shark cartilage is not only unproven as a most cancers treatment, it’s really properly disproven,” but claims touting its cancer-fighting capabilities persist.
  • As a substitute of shark cartilage, plant-based meals with anti-angiogenic results embrace apples, inexperienced tea, turmeric, pomegranate berries and nuts, soybeans, flaxseeds, and broccoli.

For different cautionary tales about dietary supplements take a look at:

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