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Summer Feet, Serious Style: 7 Pedicure Designs to Turn Up the Heat!

Summer Feet, Serious Style: 7 Pedicure Designs to Turn Up the Heat!

As the mercury rises and the days grow longer, it’s time to trade in last season’s soggy soles for a pedicure that’s hotter than the summer sun itself. Who says you can’t have your toes look fabulous and feel pampered during the warmest season of the year? We’ve got seven sultry pedicure designs to help you sizzle your way to stylish summer feet!

1. Beachy Keen: A Coastal Cool Pedicure

Imagine strolling along the beach, feeling the warm sand between your toes, and the salty sea air in your hair. That’s the essence of our Beachy Keen pedicure design. Soft blues and whites dominate this sleek pedicure, evoking the feeling of a calm ocean breeze on a summer day. Finish off your toes with a light gloss to complete this chic and effortless look.

Sizzling Tips and Tricks

Did you know that using a base coat or moisturizer before applying polish can help extend the life of your pedicure? Apply a thin layer of clear polish or nail strengthener to prevent staining and add an extra layer of protection to your nails. Don’t forget to exfoliate your feet before your pedicure for a smoother finish.

2. Tropical Oasis: A Polynesian-Inspired Pedicure

Escape to a tropical oasis with our Polynesian-inspired pedicure design. Bright coral pinks and minty greens evoke the lush vegetation and vibrant flowers of the South Pacific. This whimsical design is the perfect way to add a touch of exotic flair to your summer look.

3. Chic and Sparkly: A Glittering Pedicure

Add a touch of glamour to your summer style with our Chic and Sparkly pedicure design. A dash of glittering polish in emerald green and sapphire blue adds a pop of color to this sophisticated summer look. Get ready to turn heads with this stunning and glamorous pedicure!

4. Mermaid Magic: A Shimmering Pedicure

Dive into the world of mermaids with our Mermaid Magic pedicure design. Shimmering scales of turquoise and lavender provide a dazzling effect, making your toes look like they’re infused with magic. This pedicure is sure to cast a spell on all who see it!

5. Coastal Chic: A Clean-Lined Pedicure

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to your pedicure. Our Coastal Chic design keeps it simple with a clean-lined and elegant approach. Soft beiges and creamy whites evoke the feeling of warm sand and sun-kissed skin.

6. Boho Vibes: A Grungy-Chic Pedicure

Get your bohemian on with our Boho Vibes pedicure design. A bold mix of earthy tones like terracotta, sage green, and sandy beige create a laid-back, free-spirited vibe. This grungy-chic pedicure is perfect for those who love a little bit of grit and grunge in their summer style.

7. Retro Glam: A Vintage-Inspired Pedicure

Take a trip down memory lane with our Retro Glam pedicure design. Inspired by the glamour of the 1940s and 50s, this classic look features deep reds and corals, reminiscent of the iconic red lips and bold colors of yesteryear. This pedicure makes a statement without being too flashy, making it perfect for those who love a touch of sophistication in their summer style.

Sizzling Summer Tips

Keep those toes looking fabulous all summer long with these extra tips:

  • Wear sunblock on your feet to prevent sun damage and discoloration.
  • Moisturize your feet daily to keep them soft and supple.
  • Use a pedi-curl or toe separators to prevent toe jams and promote healthy toe alignment.
  • Exfoliate your heels and toes regularly to prevent cracked heels and ingrown toenails.

It’s time to heat up your summer style with these seven sultry pedicure designs. Whether you’re a beach bum or a city gal, there’s a pedicure out there for you. So go ahead, get ready to sizzle your way to stylish summer feet, and make a statement with your toes!


As the summer sun shines bright, it’s time to give your feet the TLC they deserve. With our 7 pedicure designs, you can elevate your style and step out in style. From vibrant stripes to elegant artistry, our featured pedicures are sure to turn heads. Whether you’re hitting the beach, pool, or just lounging around, a fresh pedicure is the perfect way to add some summer flair to your overall look. So why not give your feet some love and make this summer one to remember?


Q: What’s the best way to prepare my feet for a pedicure?
A: Before your pedicure, make sure to exfoliate your feet gently with a pumice stone or sugar scrub to remove dead skin cells and smooth out rough patches.

Q: Can I create these pedicure designs on my own or do I need a professional?
A: While our designs are perfect for DIY nail art enthusiasts, if you’re new to nail art or unsure about your skills, consider visiting a professional nail technician for a salon-quality finish.

Q: How do I maintain my pedicure to keep it looking fresh all summer?
A: Apply a top coat to lock in the design and moisturize your feet regularly to keep them soft and supple. Trim and file your toenails regularly to prevent hangnails and snagging.

Q: Are these pedicure designs suitable for all foot shapes and sizes?
A: Yes! Our designs are versatile and can be adapted to fit various foot shapes and sizes. Just remember to adjust the size of your design according to your foot’s dimensions.

Q: Can I use my usual nail polish at home or do I need special pedicure polish?
A: You can use your regular nail polish, but keep in mind that pedicure-specific polishes are formulated to last longer and withstand water exposure, making them perfect for summer use.


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